About Divine Fall

Just over twelve years ago, the Santa Ynez Mountains above Santa Barbara rang in the New Year with ALO at the infamous Mountain House. Two epic rain storms bookended a brief 12-hour window of perfect weather, incredible jams, new friendships, and marbles scattered about the land. A product of an amazing and unique community of friends brought together through live music, The Divine Ball, celebrating the coming of the 2006 New Year, to those who were there, went down as one of the best parties in our memories; the four sets of music considered one of the band’s pinnacle achievements – a true co-creation by the band and their audience.

As 2016 became 2017, the Santa Barbara MusicPhreaks stepped up to create the magic once again by hosting the Divine Ball – Taking it to Eleven. This time it was a three-day festival over New Year’s Eve weekend at Live Oak Campground in the Santa Ynez Mountains above Santa Barbara. ALO, Soul Majestic, No Simple Highway, Shaky Feelin’ and many other incredible bands threw down for a hungry and engaged audience. Yes, the weather was cold, but the music, energy, and love were smoking hot!

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