Divine Shrine

Divine Shrine

The Divine Shrine is a sacred space to practice yoga, meditate, stretch, unwind or just take a break from it all at the Divine Fall.



music starts at 7 pm


music starts at noon


music starts at noon

3:00 pm

Yoga from the Heart with Amy

9:45 am

Jedi Hour with Nicole

11:00 am

Sunday Brunch flow with Aliza

4:30 pm

Jedi Hour with Nicole

11-11:40 am

Sound Healing with Tim Costa


Kid’s Movement with Elyse


Opening Ceremony

(15-20 min spreading good vibes)


Yoga from the Heart with Amy

Yoga Jam (TBD)

Intuit Flow with Elyse and special guest


Happy Hour flow with Aliza

Acupuncture (TBD)

*times and teachers subject to change


Teachers & Healers

Nicole Inglish

Nicole loves to share the freedom and ease that a daily practice brings. Her 20 year expertise brings a safe, spirited, naturally therapeutic atmosphere, emphasizing the use of breath, and exquisite attention. Nicole is best known for supporting you in listening to your own inner cues as your ultimate authority in well-being. Nicole considers every moment a teacher in the choice of presence and loves all the various relationships she has shared in her life as a source of these teachings. After successfully running Source as a public studio for 10 years, she moved her public classes to Divinitree in de la Guerra Plaza. http://sourceyogasb.com/

Nicole Inglish is offering Jedi Hour on Friday at 4:30pm and Saturday at 9:45am

Tim Costa

“I believe when you enter the Yoga studio, it becomes a sanctuary. When you come into your practice, you realize the body is the truest temple. The alter of your heart calls for your presence, your breath. During my time studying music and dance, the focus has always been on the healing qualities of movement and sound.  I incorporate Tibetan singing bowls and breathing exercises into every class.

Tim is also a percussionist for Mama Tumba on the congas, djembes and others, and has an impressive list of professional credits including touring with Pato Bantan, the Wailers and many others. http://mamatumba.com/ http://www.greenlotuscenter.com/

Tim Costa is offering a Sound Bath Saturday at 11am

Elyse Grossman

Yoga has ignited the essence of my spiritual life- allowing me to experience stillness, stability and strength while bringing the subtle energies of my body into harmony. My hope is to create a class atmosphere where my students are able to explore new challenges in a safe environment while promoting an experience on the mat that challenges the body, quiets the mind, awakens the heart and inspires the soul. One of my favorite things about being a teacher is that it requires me to continually and simultaneously be a student and to make valuable and meaningful connections. Elyse teaches English and Yoga at Santa Barbara Middle School.

Elyse Grossman is offering Intuit Flow Friday at 6:00pm and Kid’s Movement at 2:00pm on Sunday

Amy Bankoff

Amy teaches a practical yoga to empower her students through self-awareness, relaxation and focused energy. She encourages her students to stand in their own Truth (whatever that may be), know their full power and grace, and trust their Life is a completely nurturing Source. She offers her students a return to their innate, intimate connection of strength and receptivity that is revealed through the union of simply and dynamically linking one’s body and breath through the Heart of Yoga. http://love2bhere.com/

Amy Bankoff is offering Yoga From the Heart on Friday at 3:00pm and Saturday 1:30-2:30pm

Aliza Lederman

Trying many different styles of yoga, Aliza ultimately discovered that the flowing connection of movement to breath found in Vinyasa is where she feels most inspired. In 2011 she received her 200 hour yoga teacher training directly under the tutelage of Cyndi Lee at OM Yoga Center in NYC. Aliza’s goal is to teach authentically from her own practice and to offer inspiration to her students based on what moves her. Her classes offers the opportunity to go deeper into the body and free the mind through movement, flow and breath.

Aliza Lederman is offering Happy Hour flow Friday at 4:30pm and Sunday Brunch flow Sunday at 11:00am

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